Church Retreat

Check out all the options for the weekend!

There will be outdoor activities, an in-person speaker, live streaming options, lunches, socially distanced games, s'mores, a vespers service... It's going to be a full weekend and we are hoping that you will pick at least one activity to join (in person or virtually).   Virtual participation is fully equal to and just as valuable as in-person participation. 

Retreat Bags

We will have bags for you to help you participate in the weekend.  Each bag will contain treats, s'mores kit, Give Me Jesus notebook, and more.  Bags can be picked up at church Sunday, Sept 13 at worship or from the office Sept 15-16 from 9:00-3:00.  If you are unable to pick up your bag let the office know and we will have it delivered. 

Friday Fun  

Sept 18, 7:00-9:00pm
Join us in the Crosstown yard for some games, bonfire, s'mores, and community.  Drop in any time and bring your own chair. 

Saturday Session 1

Sept 19, 9:15-10:30am
Learn from Pastor Osheta Moore as we study parables of Jesus.  Specific scripture references to come.  You can join us by live stream or in person.  There will be a Q&A time after. 

Saturday Picnic Lunch

Sept 19, 12:15pm
We will have a picnic lunch together on Saturday afternoon.  Box lunches can be ordered from Naf Naf Grill or bring your own food.   Lunch is a $5 add-on per box, see registration form to order

Saturday Session 2

Sept 19, 11:00am-12:15pm
Learn from Pastor Osheta Moore as we study parables of Jesus.   Specific scripture references to come.  You can join us by live stream or in person.  There will be a Q&A time after. 

Worship Bonus

Sept 19, 6:30-7:00pm
On Saturday we invite you to join us virtually on the live stream for a time of worship led by the Crosstown team.  Or you can also worship with the retreat radio list on spotify

Sunday Session 3

Sept 20, 9:15-10:15am
Session three will be taught in the Sunday morning worship service. Learn from Pastor Osheta Moore as we study parables of Jesus.  You can join us by live stream or in person.  


Sept 19, 7:15pm
After the Saturday worship we are offering a time of prayer.  The staff would love to pray for you.  This will be done on ZOOM where you will be split into private virtual rooms to receive 1:1 prayer.  There will be a moderator to help welcome you from the virtual waiting room. 

Covenant Pines

Sept 19, 12:00pm
We don't want to forget our historical retreat location, Covenant Pines.  Holly Abramson, Director of Marketing, is going to be joining us to share an update on this ministry.  What's going on during these tumultuous times?  You will be able to see this online also. 

Feed My Starving Children

Sept 19, 3:00-5:00pm
Saturday afternoon there is an opportunity to serve at FMSC.  However due to COVID you need to make your own family reservation to volunteer.  We cannot make a group reservation.  We will be packing at the Eagan location during the 3:00-5:00pm shift.  *As of Thursday the FMSC packing slots are filled!

Live Stream Links


 We are requesting that all participants (virtual and in person ) pay $10 a person or $30 per family.  There are a number of costs to bring this weekend to you (speaker fee, technology, materials, labor, retreat programs, communication...).   Please contact the office if that would be prohibitive to you.  

This registration fee does NOT include Saturday lunch.  Lunch is a $5 add-on per box and can be order on your registration form.


Can I bring my own lunch Saturday?  Yes, you certainly can.  We will have some complimentary PB&J Uncrustables available for children, too.
Will there be extra lunches to buy on Saturday? No, these are pre-order only.
Can I customize my box lunch order?  Not at this time.  It's just too complicated to distribute.
What if I'm only attending virtually - do I have to pay a fee?  It would be great if you could.   There still are many expenses involved in order to bring you this event online.
Can I make a donation beyond my registration fee?  Sure, that would be awesome.  You can round up when you pay your registration fee.  
What if I just want to hang out outside, can I just attend the Friday night gathering or Saturday lunch? Sure, you are welcome to take part in whatever pieces of the weekend you feel comfortable with.
 Are facemasks required when we are outside?  Yes, masks are required on the property except when you are eating.  We also ask that you be aware of your physical distancing, too.  We will have outdoor seating set up for Saturday lunch, as long as weather permits.
Do you need help with the event?  Yes, there are many volunteer opportunities listed on the registration form.  We would love your help!
Is there childcare during the sessions?  Unfortunately not.  We can't offer childcare at this time, so your kiddos would need to sit with you.
What if I can't make it that weekend but want to listen to Pastor Osheta's lessons?  You can do that, too.  We plan to have them published on the website and app by Sunday evening.