Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Active Global Personnel.

Mark & Sarah Anderson

Mark & Sarah Anderson have made the commitment to serve as global personnel for as long as they can, both at home and abroad. They team up as professional counselors, coming alongside other workers, organizations, and churches to share wisdom, prayer, and member care.  

Jochy & Tammi Hernandez

Jochy & Tammi Hernandez are a young family with a vision to plant Covenant churches in the Dominican Republic. The past few years they've started the first church and ministry, "Tal Como Soy", which is flourishing because of their hearts for young people.

Jim & Hydi Peterson

Jim & Hydi Peterson have missions in their blood! Born in Japan to American Covenant Global Personnel, they are continuing this legacy of long-term, patient investment into these people, this nation. Jim & Hydi operate the Akagi Bible Camp which has ministered the love of God to thousands of Japanese. 

James Tang

James Tang's weekly ministry in East Africa takes him through wilderness and danger we can only imagine from movies. It is the love of Christ that compels him to travel overland (think of Jeeps, motorbikes and walking long distances) to remote villages where he spends days and nights encouraging, discipling younger leaders, and speaking in churches. 

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson has spent a lifetime in missions and understanding cultures. He serves with the ministry Spoken Worldwide which presents the Gospel in story form for oral cultures around the world, many of whom are illiterate or do not have the Bible (yet) in their own language. They have also developed some remarkable tools for discipleship in these cultures. If you want to be on his email list contact him at markanderson@spoken.org 

Randy Bevis

Randy Bevis pioneered a fish farming ministry called "In Seine" which has served in over a dozen developing countries. He is Covenant global personal who spends about 75% of the year practically training and setting up fish farming, including transport of small fish to different countries. This is a tent-making ministry - combining practical labors with sharing the Gospel with those hosting.

Dwight & Sandi Ekholm

Dwight & Sandi Ekholm are life-long global personnel with Entrust, now located in the USA, but serving in Eastern Europe. You may not know this but lifetime missionaries are the most effective, having invested in long-term relationships, cultural sensitivity, and instructing with wisdom and understanding.