Sale of the Bus

In 2004 Kaye Lillehei and Shawn & Erin Radtke funded a bus for Crosstown. The vision was that this bus could help with transportation of seniors to church and for events. It was utilized to transport seniors to church and for numerous senior day trips. It was also used for many youth outings as well as a trip to CHIC. It made a yearly appearance in the 4th of July parade and assisted with Minnehaha Academy trips. The Sunday morning ride service became a hard ministry to staff as drivers needed class C licenses.

In 2010, the State of Minnesota added the additional requirement for commercial driver’s license holders to also obtain medical certification (DOT physical). Special thank you to Lew Olson, Lowell Dengerud, Greg & Beth Carlson, Nathan Johnson, Dennis Olson, and Josh Smith who did obtain Class C licenses to allow the bus to continue to be utilized by the congregation.

Along with the challenge of finding drivers who meet the special licensing requirements the bus started to develop more mechanical issues. Over the last 5 years the bus has required extra care and monitoring to continue functioning, and unfortunately it is no longer functional. The bus has been sold back to the dealer. Properties and Finance Commissions are also currently in a discernment process regarding the maintenance of the church van.

We are thankful for the 16 years of ministry that the bus supported. 

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