Kids Equip: Crosstown + Bethel

Sunday Kids Equip has one main focus:  to equip kids to live as followers of Jesus! We equip kids with the tools they need to follow Jesus!  We need to know the Bible, so we study the Bible!  We need to know how to listen to God, and talk with God, so we pray and listen!  We are part of the fellowship of believers, so we play together and discuss together!  
Picture from Bethel's Facebook page: Combined Christmas program of Bethel Ethiopian & Waite Park Wesleyan (Bethel's previous host congregation).

Enriching Kids Equip

By Pastor Polly Inestroza

As we welcome the Bethel Ethiopian congregation on Sunday mornings (starting Feb 20th), our focus for Kids Equip is strengthened!  We will foster this new, young, community of believers, as we grow together in the WORD and the mission of God!  I am so excited to see how God grows each of us!  I believe we will see beauty in the diversity of understanding as we learn together, as well as learn from one another as our two cultures will bring a more robust love for Jesus!

At 10:45am, Crosstown kids and Bethel Kids (ages 3 years (by September 1)-5th grade) will gather in the Kids Center for our large group time of hearing the Bible Story!  From 11-11:30, all kids will break into their age-appropriate small groups for a time of discussion, questions and prayer!  During our 45 mins together, our children will enjoy each other, learn from each other, and be equipped as young followers of Jesus!
Will Sunday Kids Equip be taught in English or need to be translated?  Everything will be in English!  Kids from both congregations speak English, so our Sunday Kids Equip will be taught in English.  Furthermore, Pastor Samuel Weto strongly values that the kids from Bethel learn about Jesus in English, as well as have the ability to articulate the Gospel in English.
How many kids are you anticipating to join Kids Equip?  Bethel Ethiopian has 14 children in their congregation!  During the pandemic, there are an average of 8 kids participating on Sunday mornings.

Will there be Sunday Kids Equip teachers from Bethel?  We are hoping to invite some Bethel volunteers to work alongside Crosstown volunteers on Sunday mornings!  

Do you need more volunteers on Sunday mornings for Sunday Kids Equip?  Yes!  We could use 2 more Crosstown volunteers to help with Sunday Kids Equip.  We need another teacher, as well as a floater (available for on the spot support:  bathroom breaks, hanging out with kids, preparing materials, etc.)  If you are interested in joining the Sunday Kids Equip team, please talk with Polly.

What can kids expect to be the same at Kids Equip? Kids and parents can expect the same schedule for Sunday morning!  For now, we will stick to the 45 minutes, with our BIG BIBLE STORY TIME, and then age-appropriate classes!  Kids can also expect to sit on risers, play games,  and learn from their same beloved teachers!    

What can kids expect to be different at Sunday Kids Equip? The biggest difference to expect is a larger group of kids on Sunday mornings.  This will be fun for our large group time, and then each individual class will welcome a few new kids.  We are also hoping to add an additional small group class, so we can continue to have small class sizes for optimal discipleship.  

What about Youth? Bethel youth will also be joining Crosstown youth for Youth Equip. 

More questions... sent Polly an email
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Lois m young - February 10th, 2022 at 4:37pm

I would love to teach...perhaps be a team teacher for younger children.

Or a substitute.

Also I could play.piano for opening or lead some singing. Wherever you can use me, fit me in, Lord willing.

Kristi Johnson - February 15th, 2022 at 11:08am

Happy for your help and willing heart.