Discipleship Confirmation

One of my favorite things about fall is exchanging shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and boots! This year, Pastor John and I get to take out our teacher hats as we begin another year of Discipleship Confirmation (sadly, we don't have actual hats but maybe someone wants to gift some?) While the class includes learning about Jesus and the theology of the Christian faith, we also want our 6 students to become more like Jesus. The mentorship piece of this program creates space for that kind of transformation. Our mentors commit to being cheerleaders, prayer warriors, and conversation partners as these 7th and 8th graders wrestle with the implications of Scripture for their lives. Perhaps this experience will be the beginning of a long-term relationship!

Our students are Isaac, Josie, Leif, Santiago, Isaiah, and Austin. Please pray for them to have discipline and good time management as they complete this class along with life's other demands. Pray for God to fill parents and mentors with wisdom and patience when youth ask hard questions. Lastly, pray for Pastor John and I to be creative and engaging in our teaching.
- Angie Kopylov

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