Anna, LIT for Covenant Pines

Crosstown has a number of connections to Covenant Pines Bible Camp.  We have sent summer campers every year for decades.  Last weekend we had a number of students head up with Angie for MEA weekend camp.  And some years we even have a leader in training.  Here is the story of one of our LITs.
Jr High LIT team. Photo from Covenant Pines Bible Camp
Jr High LIT team 2019. Photo from Covenant Pines Bible Camp

“My name is Anna Larson and I was a LIT/JC for two weeks over the summer at Covenant Pines! LIT (leaders in training) and JC (junior counselor) is a program for high school students to get a taste of leadership and counseling at camp.

I got to be a junior counselor for two different cabins: a trailblazer cabin and a junior high cabin. LITs and JCs especially, get to be in charge of the cabin when the counselor is busy and help the counselor out when things get overwhelming. Patience, energy, a positive attitude, and experience with kids is definitely needed, but the effort is totally worth it, and I feel like I have grown both in my faith and in my leadership ability. I absolutely love being at camp and this opportunity gave me a feel of what the leadership side of camp is like, and I love it just as much as being a camper. I have always wanted to be a counselor, and this is a great first step! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has interest in being a counselor. You may ask me any questions you have about being a LIT/JC!”

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