Art of Neighboring

The expert in the Law asked Jesus, “But who is my neighbor?”  Ultimately, everyone is our neighbor, right?  When it all boils down, we are to love our friends & family, our enemies (the Samaritans in our lives) and all the people in the world!  Is that really who our neighbor is? Everyone in the world?  Do we do a disservice to this great commandment by thinking of it so broadly?  I think so!

What would happen if we loved our actual earthly neighbors in a more intentional and concrete way?  The concept seems too easy, but it actually is kind of terrifying.  

Join me over the next 6 weeks, as we look deeper into the Art of Neighboring!  We will get into the nitty gritty of loving the people who live in a 4-house radius from us.  There will be action items each week, with opportunities to share your neighboring story.  Every week we will also learn from Perky Patty’s video diaries.  We will watch Patty’s humorous and sometimes misguided adventures in neighboring. Let’s grow together in this challenge, and see where God takes us!
- Pastor Polly Inestroza

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