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Serving breakfast to teachers at Wenonah
Invest Task Force Update from Mike Anderson (Dec 2019)
Last week Crosstown heard a Wenonah School update by Jennifer Frisbe (Social Worker).
Here is our current update.  As part of the Invest Task Force’s mandate for 2019, “We will support the Keywadin and Wenonah Schools in a financial way”.  The task force has looked at specific ideas to make this happen. Last year as well as this year, we have connected with Wenonah School to support a family in need for Christmas.  Last year Pastor John and I were privileged to deliver gifts to the school prepared by Crosstown members and friends.
We at Crosstown are connecting with Wenonah School again this year.  We are supporting another family with Christmas gifts. Please respond by taking requests off the tree in the Narthex.  

Recently, Pastor John and I had the opportunity to meet at Wenonah School with Kelly Wright (Principal) and Jennifer Frisbe (Family Social Worker) in mid-November to discuss how Crosstown can bless Wenonah School.  Several items came up, but one rose to the surface for Pastor John and me. Because many of the children’s families are living in scarcity, the Invest Task Force agreed to give $1000 in Target gift cards for 2019.  

Lastly, Mike and Kathy Anderson visited Wenonah School Monday, 12/2 to deliver 40 – $25 gift cards for Target to the school.  That is $1000 in gift cards to our community school! Jennifer was left without words and close to tears. She said no one/no organization has ever gifted the school with this amount.  We let her know we (Crosstown) are serious with our support. I received an unexpected hug that needs to be translated to all of you. Please know that the Wenonah School staff truly are so appreciative of our concern and support over the years.  We are committed to nurturing this relationship going forward…

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