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a review of 2019...

LNCS Spaghetti Dinner and Dance
We are so blessed to have 38,000 square feet of building to utilize for God’s glory.  This property provides wonderful opportunities to partner with, support, and encourage the community.  How did we do that in 2019?
Crosstown’s doors were opened for a local piano recital, family birthday parties, and group home family events.  Other congregations utilized the building for retreats and stop overs to the airport when leaving for mission trips.  Minnehaha Academy hosted events on our property for their students.  Throughout the summer Crosstown is utilized weekly as the Covenant Pines Bible Camp bus stop.
Crosstown also frequently partners with NENA (Nokomis East Neighborhood Association) for events.  Last year we hosted a PBS movie screening on racial reconciliation and community education classes.  The NENA annual meeting happened in our commons.  And NENA also hosted smaller events for the community here: cooking classes, housing rights seminars, and more.  There are also fuzzy four-footed police friends that come to do training on our property.
And the best for last: LNCS Spaghetti Dinner and Dance.  This is our largest hosted event when over 400 people from the community enter the building for a PTA fundraiser.  Keep an eye open for ways you can volunteer to help with this event and join us Sunday at the annual meeting to learn more about Crosstown’s ministry in 2019.  
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