Helping on Lake Street

On Sunday, May 31 a number of Crosstown members spent the day helping the owners of Stop N Shop on Lake.  Assad and Cindy have been protecting their business for 4 days, sleeping on the floor of their looted store and chasing off rioters threatening to burn the property.  And unfortunately they were also attacked by law enforcement for breaking curfew on the property.  It has been a terrible week of anxiety, heartache, and confusion.
While walking the street Sunday morning Nathan and Dennis met Cindy.  They began a conversation about how to help and the dominoes all fell into place.  Text messages were sent out and people started showing up with cleaning supplies, gloves, shovels, and even donated lunch from Leann Chin.  Thankfully Assad and Cindy were able to spend the afternoon at home to rest before their night vigil would begin again at their shop.

After hours of scrubbing, sorting, sweeping, soaking, and trashing, Assad and Cindy are a small step closer to reopening.  Cindy's text message  "My office???  Wow.  I can not believe what you all did.  It looks great.  The store looks GREAT!!!  I felt the store is ours again.  Thank you a million times!!!  Be safe and God bless you all!"

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