Confirmation Completion

On Wednesday, we celebrated Avery Gillen-Rexroad, Elaina Johnson, Kariana Palmer, and Stella Gillen-Rexroad as they wrapped up Discipleship Confirmation. These students persevered through weekly classes, homework assignments, monthly mentorship, Saturday Intensives, and a four-part final project. They learned core theological concepts like the image of God, the trinity, sacraments, atonement, and the purpose of the church.

To be honest, most youth don't like Discipleship Confirmation because it adds a lot of work into their already busy lives. At Crosstown, we value dependence on the Word of God, so we teach it to our young people early and often. Sometimes, students finish the year feeling more equipped in their faith. Other times, this class leaves them with more questions and frustrations than answers. I believe that both reactions constitute important parts of one's faith journey.
Our students had coaches, cheerleaders, prayer warriors, and chauffeurs along the way - namely, their parents and mentors. They were the most important of this process. Our mentors were Aaron Berfeldt, Belinda Kuhn, Caitlin Ogawa, Kay Smith, and Lois Young.
- Angie Kopylov

Join us for worship on August 30 to see our students present their projects!

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