"Color of Compromise" discussion group

Starting Sept 23, each week we’ll launch into our gathering with a video from Jemar that is both challenging and hopefilled. Then we'll participate in discussion.

These gatherings are a proactive response to the events of this summer in both our community and nation. Jemar Tisby is a disciple of Jesus whose work takes us through the history of sustained racism and injustice in the American church. Participants are invited to read his book, The Color of Compromise (which is currently on the New York Times Bestseller list), but you can participate without doing so.

This disciple-building process will include listening, learning and lamenting so that we can advance as followers of Jesus who are engaging with Jesus’ call to work against racism.
Two Methods to Participate   *Please RSVP to Pastor John
Wed 6:30pm In Person at Crosstown, Sept 23-Dec 2
Wed 8:00pm Virtually on Zoom, Sept 23-Dec 2
"As Crosstown seeks to move forward in racial righteousness, we want to encourage you to review a number of articles from our sisters and brothers in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). This collection was published in the September / October edition of the Covenant Companion magazine. Through these voices, we are presented with an opportunity to listen and learn. We are convicted by a statement from the ECC, 'We will not ignore the sin of racism, a virus that has plagued our world far too long.' Instead, we are challenged to move forward in a long and painful journey, with the hope of Jesus Christ to guide us." -Crosstown Elder Team
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