CarePartners Pod Closes

Crosstown's season of hosting distance learning pods is coming to an end as students transition back to in-person learning. We are thankful for your ministry partnership and financial support that allowed the building to remain open, heated, and staffed for the last 4 months in order to serve our community. 
Dear Crosstown,
I cannot thank you enough for letting us use your space for our skills learning Pods! It has been such a positive experience for both staff and kids. We started with a group of kids who have been struggling to learn from home. They started not knowing each other and lacking skills to interact. One of the kids would tell us he only felt darkness.

Through play, work and talking about feelings these kids are now best friends. They learned to accept their feelings and express those feelings in a positive way. They learned to accept their differences and learn from each other. They also learned skills that will help them be successful in school. Listening to directions and staying on task. This experience will carry on for them outside of Pods.

Your generosity has truly made an impact on their lives!
Thank you,
Lisa (Learning Pod Worker)
"The younger kids PODS was a success. Quote from one of the kids. "I've never had a friend before" All the kids exchanged numbers to continue their friendship out of the Pod. We are beyond thankful for the gift Crosstown Church bestowed upon MN CarePartners and the community so that we could offer and hold the Learning Pods."  
Janice Carlson
Minnesota CarePartner Supervisor
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