"CES is the Highlight of my Month"

Why is Crosstown collecting for CES and supporting their mission?  Because they truly care for people: It is the highlight of my month. They are so caring and take time with me."   Read more in the story below.
 “Dreary out today, isn’t it?” stated a CES Food Shelf client after I greeted him. As the conversation continued, he stated, “Without CES, I am not sure how I would exist.” 
Drew’s story unfolded. Several years earlier, he came to Minneapolis to get a fresh start. For a while, things went well, with a good job and a nice place to live. Due to circumstances that he did not divulge, he became mentally disabled. Although he now has a place to live and some food, it is not enough. He comes to CES on a specific day of the week because he loves to meet with certain Volunteer Advocates.
It is the highlight of my month. They are so caring and take time with me. With the extra food from CES, especially the increased availability of produce, I can eat healthier. This helps my condition.” However, the most important thing he shared was how the holidays affect him. “You know, I have no family here, so Thanksgiving and Christmas are hard times for me. I get so lonely. When I see others celebrating with family and friends, I get more depressed. 
I look forward to the CES Thanksgiving Distribution and Christmas Party. They have become my holiday celebrations. It really lifts my spirits.” Drew continued, “In fact, the food I receive from those special times is too much for me alone to use. So, I invite a couple of my friends who have no place to go, to share with me! This in turn helps all of us! Thank you!”
 - by Juanita Lindgren

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