CES Curing Loneliness

The Crosstown CES collection is slowly building momentum.  Please drop off your donations by Easter Eve so that it can be properly packed for CES's warehouse distribution system.
Recently, CES received a delightful gift that we need to share with all our friends and donors. The following is a thank you note from a neighbor who received a holiday basket at the CES Christmas party in December:
"Dear Staff and Volunteers, Once again, you all have gone above the call of duty. Thank you for the $20 Aldi gift-card, the entertainment, the cookies (so big and sweet) and the bag of groceries. This season you all out-did yourselves. It seems it was a better party than last year... I will always remember Dec. 22, 2018 at CES. Each year I look forward to your parties. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who care to give of their talents and time. With no family, it gets lonely but you all fulfilled that need. May our God continue to give you all the resources to continue this ministry. God bless!"
We hope this expression of gratitude will excite and encourage you as we continue CES’ mission together.
February 2019
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