Identity- Who God says you are

"This book is about the most fascinating subject in the world: you." -Klyne Snodgrass
Sept 26 we are kicking off a new sermon series about Identity. Who does God say you are? This series will be guided by Klyne Snodgrass' book. Identity is a vital topic and this book does a wonderful job exploring the theology of identity. We encourage you to take some time to read this discovery of who you are in Christ. 
"In focusing on identity, this book offers a chance for each of us to consider who we really are, what makes us that way, and who we should become. Nothing is more important than dealing with our own identity... I deal with identity because I must and because I am convinced that is what the Bible is really about. It seeks to tell us who God says we are." -Klyne Snodgrass 
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