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We are returning to an old practice in a new way. Welcome the return of name tags! Everyone, regular attendee and guest alike, is invited to handwrite a name tag and utilize this tag every Sunday. This is a practical way to help build community, especially as faces continue to be obscured by masks. Have questions about your name tag? See the FAQ below or email the office. 
We Need Greeters
Do you want to splash a little Jesus? Do you have an award-winning smile? Do you want to make sure guests feel welcome on Sunday mornings? If yes, we need you. All ages are encouraged to join our welcome team.
Email Kristi
FAQ about Name Tags
Do I have to use people’s first names now when I’m talking to them? We hope so. That was the goal :)
Can I personalize my name tag?  Yes, if you love corgis by all means put a corgi sticker on your name tag. However, we do ask that you be respectful in your embellishments and do not use your name tag to make political statements. The Community Caring Commission will dispose of tags that are in violation.
Can I give a preferred pronoun? Sure, this would be a great place to clarify a request for a different pronoun or chosen name.
Can kids have a name tag? We would love for kids to have a name tag too. They are beloved members of our community.
The safety pin tag is bad for my clothes.  Can I use something else?  We are open to that idea if you want to bring in a clip on or magnet option. We just ask that you use the printed logo paper base with your hand written name. We are trying to avoid any us versus them feelings for guests with our name tags.
Can’t find your name tag? It’s ok, just make a new one.
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