Crosstown Kids: True Story

Jesus Changes Things!  True Stories From Early Church

Saul meets Jesus!  Acts 9

Saul was the worst!  He was killing followers of Jesus, or throwing them in jail.  But Jesus changed that!  Because Jesus changes people!  Saul saw the light, and talked with Jesus, and was baptized!

A Crazy Vision with Floating Animals: Acts 10

Peter saw a bedsheet coming down from Heaven filled with all sorts of animals!  We now know that God doesn't have favorites!  Jews and Romans are all important to God!  Crosstown kids played a game where we flung animals off our sheet and into a basket!

Peter Escapes from Prison!  Acts 12

Peter was put in prison for telling others about Jesus!  While he was there, the Church PRAYED!  You can read in Acts 12 about an angel of the LORD helping Peter escape, without any guards noticing!  He was even chained to the wall.   Crosstown kids made paper chains to help tell the story of Peter's wonderful rescue!
A potion so strong and mighty, it couldn't remain in the bottle!  Kind of like Peter, who's strong and mighty God, freed him from prison with the help of an angel!

Paul & Barnabas Travel the World:      Acts 13

Paul and Barnabas had a MISSION!  An important mission:  to travel around and tell people about the TRUE STORY of Jesus!  They traveled all over the place. Some came to believe in Jesus, and others said "NO" to following Jesus.  We cut crosses out of paper with only ONE cut!  
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