HOPE- Advent in Japan

DEVOTIONAL:  Jesus is HOPE for the world!  As we recognize our lowly human state, we have room then, to be filled with HOPE!  And as we wait this Advent season, we ponder what it would mean to be without HOPE.  What would have happened if God hadn't sent Jesus as our HOPE? The promise of Jesus isn't the "maybe it'll all work out" kind of hope.  He is the promise of the ONLY TRUE HOPE!  
SCRIPTURE:  Matthew 12:21
"In HIS name the nations will put their HOPE."  
FUN FACT:  Even though only 1% of Japanese call themselves Christian,  Christmas is still very popular in Japan!  In fact, Christmas markets are set up all season long!   KFC is a common Christmas dinner, and strawberry shortcake is sold as the Christmas cake!  
BREATH PRAYER:  Use this breath prayer as you meditate on the HOPE candle this week.
Inhale:  Jesus is the HOPE
Exhale:  For all the world
**Do you know about breath prayer?  It's as simple as breathing.  You inhale with one simple stanza (prayer) and out with another.  The simplicity of it allows us to pray all throughout our day.  The significance of it allows us to inhale and exhale connection with God all throughout the day!  Give it a try!
1. What do you find hard about the Christmas season?
2.  What are you HOPING for as you think about the year ahead?
Unfortunately we couldn't locate a Japanese version of Silent Night but the Chinese kids version from Loulou & Lou is pretty darn fun. 
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